The Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elegantes Mexico is looking for recent audiovisual works for ULTRAcinema 2020, the ninth edition of our annual festival that will be held from October 21 to 25, 2020 in Tepic, Nayarit. ULTRAcinema 2020 presents film and video works by emerging and established filmmakers, in different categories. We look for non-commercial works, created by artists of all genres.


Open call to all audiovisual works created with some form of appropriation of films or videos in any format, including those works that are made entirely with found footage or that use only some segments of reappropriated material. Maximum duration of 20 min.

Archive Fever

For those works with extensive use of ARCHIVE FOOTAGE IN DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKING. The film should be made about found footage or make use of archival material as a important part of the narrative.


Any experimental short film of any genre, without found footage and with a maximum duration of 20 min.

Film is not dead

Works made in any film format, 8, Super 8, 16 and / or 35mm will be accepted. Open to any genre as long as its creation has been on film. Maximum duration of 20 minutes.


2019 was a watershed in the struggle for the recognition of women for equity and respect for their rights. A very violent and complicated year, for that reason we opened this category to celebrate the struggle and work of our sisters. The works must have a maximum duration of 20 minutes and have the characteristics of our categories Reappropriation, Experimental or File Fever and be directed by women. If the theme is gender violence they will have a plus.

Experimental Feature

In this new category, We accept any audiovisual work over 30 minutes that is considered experimental, reappropriation or archival documentary. If they were created on film they will have extra points for selection 😉

We accept works of any year and country of production. Please do not send scripts of any kind or commercial movies. The final selection will be made by our guest curators and they will also select the works that will be shown online.

ULTRAcinema will be held from October 21 to 25, 2020 in Tepic, Nayarit.


Opening call: January 1, 2020
Closing date: June 30, 2020
Official Selection Announcement: July 31, 2020

The small registration fee is to recover organizational expenses.

Exclusive registration via FilmFreeWay. Make sure your registration includes:

Title, director, duration, synopsis and contact information (phone and email), as well as at least one .jpg image. Also a photograph of the director. It is necessary that all these materials be included in your registration to ensure your participation in the selection process.


• The works of Reappropriation, Experimental, Women, Archive Fever and Film is not Dead must be of a duration of 20 minutes or less.

• For the new feature film category, the minimum duration is 30 minutes and the works must be experimental, reappropriation or archive fever.

-Films that are not in Spanish must be subtitled or at least provide a list of dialogues.

-All movies are welcome and may have been previously viewed by the public.

-When sending a movie, the filmmaker accepts the following conditions:
ULTRAcinema will screen movies digitally and, therefore, will only accept digital shipments visible online. The selected movies will be transferred to a BluRay Disc for exhibition purposes. The filmmaker is responsible for providing a high resolution format of his film. Contact the Festival director for help if necessary.

-For multiple registrations, keep in mind that each movie entered must have a separate registration form.

-ULTRAcinema will travel to several cities in Mexico annually, although there is no guarantee that each film seen at the annual premiere of the city in which the festival takes place is included in the edited travel version.

-The filmmaker is granted permission to exhibit at all ULTRAcinema tour destinations in any year, and any subsequent use and display platform, including emerging technology.

-ULTRAcinema does not pay exhibition fees under any circumstances. By submitting your movie, you are agreeing to show your movie without a fee or any other compensation if selected.

-For advertising and promotional purposes, short clips of any movie entered in the Festival can be shown on any network, Internet or related media, including promotion by our sponsors.

-ULTRAcinema reserves the right to include any film accepted in any format used for promotional purposes.

Sending a movie to ULTRAcinema implies acceptance of these rules.